Order information.

Most of the items shown on MythReal are one of a kind products. If your favourite item is not in stock or previously sold, you can always drop us a note and we can see if we can make you another. If you have special wishes regarding, shape, sizes, color or material, just let us know and we can see what we can do.
If you order directly from our webshop it will be that exact item that you order. We cannot ensure any alterations after you’ve ordered, since the item may very well be in the mail by then.
We estimate a 14 day delivery for all our shipments. However, it could very well be you get your order in sooner if you are in the EU region. We cannot control postal services and kindly ask for your understanding if delivery is a little late. If you happen to be in a hurry we can arrange quick delivery if neccessary. 
All our prices are in € (EURO). 
Items will be shipped off after payment. We accept PayPall worldwide and bank transfer payment (EU only). You will receive payment information as soon as you finish your order and we will keep you posted on the status of your purchase. We appreciate it if you drop us a line after you've received your purchase. 
We will wrap and package all your items with great care!  We cannot in any way be held responsible for damaging of the items during transportation and shipping. 

Post & Package.

We obviously have to charge our post & package or shipping rates, but we hate ridiculously high rates that will put off our customers. We cannot, however, calculate every single items' shipping rate seperately, as they all vary so much in size and weight. Therefor, we maintain one standard shipping rate for each item.
This means that, no matter wether you buy our entire webshop contents, or decide to go for just one small item, the p&p is the same. Logically it is cheaper for you to order multiple items at once, or bigger ones, as you will pay exactly the same p&p for - for example- one pair of earrings, as for a very heavy costume dress.
Each order will have € 3,50 post & package. This will be added to your order total at the end of your purchase and you can find it on the bill.    
Payments on a webshop purchase have to be completed within 14 working days after the order was place. If we have not received your payment after this term, we have the right to cancel your order and place the item back in the webshop. 

For commissioned costume orders, we will need extensive information, such as material of choice, design details and measurements. We will exchange information via email, until a satisfactory agreement is made for both customer and MythReal. This agreement is binding.
We require a 50% downpayment after the final price is settled to be able to start working on your design and get our materials. The remaining 50% is due as soon as the product is finished and needs to be paid upon receiving the order. You have 14 working days after delivery date to complete the payment. 
MythReal will provide you with extensive measurement directions. We are not responsible for any faults in the measurements taken by you, and thus an incorrect size or fitting of the finished product. Please let us know how your measurements were taken (inch or centimetres) and contact us if you have any doubts or questions.
We will give you an estimate on when your outfit will be ready. If you depend on a deadline, please let use know in advance so we can calculate if we can meet your wishes. Keep in mind all costumes are to be made, so some production time will be needed.

MythReal is doing its best to ensure exclusive products and designs for its costumers. Therefore, all of our displayed products are copyrighted to MythReal and the artisan that made the item. It is not allowed to use any of the designs or items for profit reasons.
For any photo references used for our artwork in store, we have full permission from the photographer and/or model to use this picture and to sell the finished artwork and/or prints.
(Fanart is for copyright reasons NOT for sale, apart from the pieces for which we have permission from original photographer and/or model to use the picture and finished product)