About us
About us..
MythReal consists of a small group of fantasy-loving artisans, each with their own expertise in handmade creations.
We all have in common that we love handycrafts, from textileworks and knitting & crochet to wireworks and drawing, and everything in between.
This guarantees you will get a great variety of products, each unique in their design and mostly one time made items. We can also adjust our designs to the needs of our customers and adjust shapes, models and sizes, so you will always get your perfect item.
We make our designs in small quantities to ensure exclusive offers. We are constantly developing and experimenting, so stop by regularly to see new products. Any suggestions or request on designs and improvements are most welcome.
If you want to place an order with us that is not in stock, we are open to commissions, but please keep in mind some production time will be needed.

Be Inspired!

The MythReal Team