Faerydust bottle necklaces
Faery Dust is a rare thing. It comes in all kinds of colors, and it is said that faery dust can make you fly. The fae love glitter, and these necklaces will surely bring a sparkle to your life! Collected with the greatest care we filled these miniature bottles with this magical dust, and decorated them with swirls, beads, charms and the occasional pixie bell. So many different faeries, so many different necklaces. All sorts of themes and color schemes, we offer something to everyones taste. See anything you like in the wrong color or size? Let us know and we will see what we can do!
(We would like to point out that no faeries were harmed in the process of producing these pieces of jewellery. All faery dust was donated most kindly. However, due to our solemn vow to keep the secret, we cannot give you any details on the exact meanings of retrieving faery dust. Thank you for understanding. )

Specialty:Mourning Jewellery.
Our popular Faery Dust Bottles now come in a special version to carry the ashes of your beloved pet that passed into the otherworlds. Although the container only holds a small amount of ashes, it is a wonderful way to keep them literally close to your heart and help the memory to live on. We can costumize the decoration to your wishes, such as favourite colors, gemstone and symbol charms.