Is it a hoody? Is it a scarf? It’s both! This faery fun exclusive MythReal product comes in a wide range of colors and materials. Fleece, velvets, taffetas, cottons or linens, choose your preferences and keep your pointy ears cosy and warm throughout each season. Personalize your hoodscarf with embroidery or appliqués of your choice, and go for the unique look of the hoodscarf.

Standard hoodscarves (Euro 25,-) come with one embroidery (or appliqué) on hood, and one on scarf. Additional decorations at additional cost.
Standard hoodshape is medium pointy. Extra pointy custom made at additional cost. Extra long scarf  custom made at additional cost.

Pixie bell included with all hoodscarves!
(AND: all hoodscarves are reversible so you get two-for-one!)