Our whimsical Faery rings are all unique and truly one of a kind. We design these little treasures individually, and all come out different. They consist of delicately wrapped wirework enhanced with gemstones, beads and charms. 
They are size-adjustable and come in many shapes and colors. 

Please note our size-indication with each listing. Although adjustable, some rings are smaller than others. Sizes are measured on a regular hand and have the following measurements:

XS-S - extra small to small, compares to pinky finger on a regular hand, might be suitable for kids size
S- small, compares to pinky finger on a regular hand.
M- medium, compares to ringfinger or middle finger on a regular hand.
M-L- medium to large, compares to middle finger or index finger on a regular hand.
L- large, compares to thumb on a regular hand

All sizes are an indication only. If you have any doubts or require specific circumfence, just let us know and we get back to you with the detailed measurements.