Our Gnome cross-stitch embroidery kits are fun little craft projects and make excellent gifts for any fantasy loving craftsperson. They come in a variety of themes, all featuring our adorable Gnome, an exclusive MythReal design!
 Cross-stitch kits come in a ready-to-go package and include all you need to get started. It even has materials for the finishing touches, and provides a few options to adjust the design to your own taste. Fun to send out to your fairy-friends as a card after finishing, or to frame for your own pleasure. Ideal projects for taking along on any trip or holiday, small and easy to transport, fully kitted.

MythReal Gnomes Cross Stitch Kit is an exclusive MythReal product. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce the patterns in any way for commercial use. Chart is designed for your own use only. Discarding these restrictions not only infringes on the copyright laws, but also causes the Wrath of the Gnomes, who will come hunt you and poke you with their pointy hats until the End of Times! Please respect the effort and creativity our MythReal people put into this design and DO NOT COPY! Thank you.