Welcome to the MythReal webshop

Welcome to MythReal, the webshop of
Here you will find a variety of original products for fantasy loving folk.
Our collection includes a wide range of products, such as faerylights, candles, suncatchers, faerybubbles and other whimsical home decoration items, fantasy artwork and everything to dress yourself like true fae-realm dweller.
Would you like to have your own fantasy outfit? We gladly make the outfit of your dreams, exactly like you want it, in your size (so plus-sizes are also a possibility!).
Of course all of our designs are complimented with a selection of accessories. Check out our tiaras and circlets, bags and jewellery.
See our examples in the Costumes and Accessories sections.
To show off your inner fae to the outside world we can make you a fantasy portrait as you’ve never seen! Pointy ears, horns, wings and feathers, anything goes. Get more information on these commissioned pieces under the Artwork section.
If you’ve browsed our site and still can’t find the item of your dreams, or if it’s no longer available, don’t hesitate to drop us a note. Most of our items are one of a kind but we can always see if we can make your wish come true to make you another. 
Enjoy your stay here, and
“Be Inspired!”